3 Signs You Need Auto Glass Repair Services

Posted on: 9 October 2020

Glass in automobiles is found on the windshield, windows, and side mirrors. You need to keep your auto glass in good condition at all times since it controls your visuals. However, it might develop issues over time and need repair. It is important to learn how to recognize major auto glass problems and get help early enough. Below are signs you need auto glass repair.

1. Presence of a White Haze

Auto glass is treated with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) to prevent it from shattering in a collision or any other impact. However, during a crash, your windshield's edges can be slightly damaged. When this happens, the PVB will start to pull away and appear as a white haze on the edges, alerting you to get windshield repair services.

2. Cracks or Scratches

If you spot cracks on your auto glass, you should repair them soon to reduce the risk of accidents or injury. A crack on your windshield can affect your visibility and increase the risk of injury during a collision. These cracks can develop due to minor accidents, flying debris, or bad weather.

Therefore, it is important to inspect your windshield regularly for any chips or cracks. The auto glass specialist will seal cracks using a dense resin for big cracks and a lighter resin for small cracks. The resin will be cured by UV light to help it set uniformly. 

You should also get auto glass repair services if you notice scratches on the windows and windshield. Wiper blades mostly cause these scratches, and if they are not repaired early enough, they might worsen.

Wiper blades should have rubber on the lower side to move smoothly over the windshield. But over time, the rubber might experience wear and tear and cause the metal inside to scratch the glass, producing a screeching noise. An auto glass expert will replace the rubber on the blades and repair the scratches on the windshield. 

3. Damaged Seals

Seals are usually put on auto glass to prevent the entry of water or cold air. Therefore, if your car is suddenly freezing during colder days despite using the AC, the glass needs repair. If water is penetrating during rains, the seal might be broken or loose. This will cause your windows or windshield to produce a rattling sound while in motion, and thus you should get professional glass repair services.

When the integrity of the auto glass is compromised, it can lead to significant problems. Therefore, it is important to get auto glass repair services when you notice any of the above signs.

To learn more, contact an auto glass repair service in your area today.