Building A New Shower? 4 Things To Think About

Posted on: 28 October 2019

Building a new shower is a complicated process. When it comes to building a new shower, you need to think carefully about all the elements that go into building a new shower.  

Consider the Angles You Want to Use 

As you design your shower, think about the angles that you want to use. If you want to keep the cost of installing a new shower door reasonable and not pay for too much customized work, you are going to want to stick to the traditional 90-degree, 135-degree, and 185-degree angles. These are the most common angles used in shower design and for shower hardware, which is why sticking to these angles will help keep down the costs of installing a new shower door.  

Make Sure the Shower Doors Are Supported 

Next, you need to make sure that the shower doors for your shower are supported. You need to make sure that the shower door is installed on a wall where there is a proper stud behind the door. You want to have a nice, thick stud behind the door. A double 2x4 is better than a single 2x4. You want to make sure your shower door will be well anchored and supported because the last thing you want is your shower door collapsing because it wasn't properly anchored in place.  

Decide If You Want a Curb 

After that, you need to decide if you want a curb around the shower or if you want the bottom of the shower to be flush with the floor. If you go for a curb, keep in mind that will make your bathroom less handicap-accessible. If you go for a flush design, keep in mind that the shower floor will need to properly slopped to ensure that all water runs towards the drain and doesn't overflow into your bathroom.  

Make Sure the Curb Is Sloped 

If you put in a curb, remember that you don't want the curb to be flat. The curb should have a little bit of an angle towards it, running towards the inside of the shower. This will help direct water that gets on the curb inside of the shower inside of the shower instead of outside the shower.  

When it comes to building a new shower, you need to think carefully about the angle of the shower. You need to make sure you support the shower doors and you need to determine if you want a curb or not for the shower.  

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