• Caring For Your New Windshield

    If you need to get your windshield replaced for the first time, you're in luck; it's a relatively fast procedure that can have you driving your car again later the same day. But you have to take proper care of the windshield, too, otherwise all the work can be for naught. One of the substances used to hold the windshield in place is an adhesive, and how you treat the windshield in the first couple of days is the key to having a strong new windshield, or having to go back to get another one. [Read More]

  • Temperature Change Stress Cracks In Glass Windows And How To Deal With Them

    Glass is a strong material that makes excellent widows, but stress cracks can still appear in it due to temperature changes. This is especially true when the temperature change goes from extreme hot to cold. Here is what you need to know about this problem. Why Do Stress Cracks Appear In Glass Windows? When temperatures change suddenly in glass, there is a chance that it may expand or contrast. This isn't a major problem in most glass windows, as they are given to some degree of size change, but over time excessive temperature may cause small cracks to appear. [Read More]

  • How To Get The Most Energy Savings From Window Replacement At Your Business

    If you are considering the purchase of an older building for your business, considering every aspect of restoration is extremely important to save money on operating expenses later on. If the older building you are buying has the original windows still in it, you may have considered keeping them for preserving its historical value. However, if you are not restoring a building primarily for historical reasons, you could have money going out the window in the form of energy losses. [Read More]

  • Two Types of Residential Glass That Are Ideal for Making Your Home More Comfortable

    One thing to keep in mind when you have to replace your windows or residential glass is to consider the many types of glass that can offer benefits beyond those offered by basic window glass. Specialty glass for your windows can often provide benefits that range from increased comfort and privacy to better home security. Listed below are two types of residential glass that are ideal for making your home more comfortable. [Read More]

  • 3 Tips To Keep In Mind When Replacing Or Repairing Your Windshield

    When you own a vehicle and drive it around on a regular basis, it is almost inevitable to get some type of chip or crack in your windshield at some point in time. When this happens, you need to either repair or replace your windshield depending on the level of damage to it. Thankfully, there are several locations out there that offer this service for you and allow you to have a windshield that is as good as new once again. [Read More]

  • How To Replace A Car Door Passenger Window

    Having your car broken into and getting things stolen is bad enough, but if you don't have glass insurance on your car, you will also have to pay for a getting a new passenger window installed on your car. You can save a few dollars if you do the job yourself. Here is how to replace the passenger window on a car door. Remove the Door Panel You need to remove the panel on the inside of the door to gain access to the window bracket. [Read More]

  • 4 Modern Window Renovations To Give You More Green Improvements For Your Home

    If you are considering improvements to the windows in your home, such as replacements, this may not be the only thing that you want to do. While you are replacing the windows, you may want to consider other renovations, such as adding more windows for passive heating, creating a breakfast area with windows or other improvements. Here are some additional improvements that you may want to consider when doing window renovations to your home: [Read More]

  • 3 Tips To Get The Most Benefit From Replacement Windows And Other Improvements

    Replacement windows are often mentioned when considering energy improvements for your home. It is not the only solution and may not be the best investment. In fact, many homes benefit from a combination of replacement windows and other improvements. Here are some tips to help you decide where you can benefit from replacing windows or doing other improvements to your home to reduce energy loss: 1. Deciding On Replacements Or New Window Installation [Read More]