Two Types of Residential Glass That Are Ideal for Making Your Home More Comfortable

Posted on: 14 July 2016

One thing to keep in mind when you have to replace your windows or residential glass is to consider the many types of glass that can offer benefits beyond those offered by basic window glass. Specialty glass for your windows can often provide benefits that range from increased comfort and privacy to better home security. Listed below are two types of residential glass that are ideal for making your home more comfortable.

Soundproof Glass

One of the worst things that can happen when you move into a new home is discovering that you have moved into a neighborhood with noisy neighbors, near a major road, or near a school. This can lead to it being quite difficult for you and your family to relax and get some peace and quiet at home. In addition, a noisy neighborhood can also be a pain if you work a graveyard shift and need to sleep during the day, when your neighborhood is likely to be at its noisiest. 

In that situation, soundproof glass can help you eliminate a lot of that noise pollution. This is because the soundproof glass is made from either two pieces of glass with empty space in between or a single thick piece of glass that muffles sound.

Soundproof glass can prevent 90%-95% of sound from passing through them. This soundproof quality will also help keep noise that you make from exiting the house, which is a great way to enjoy your music, video games, or movies at a louder volume while still being conscientious of your neighbors. 

Electrochromic Glass

Another glass option to consider in order to make your home a bit more comfortable is electrochromic glass. This glass option is designed to become darker or clearer based on the electric current that is run through it as you utilize a dimmer knob or slider switch. If you set the glass to its darkest setting, it will be able to block about 98% of the sunlight that strikes the surface of the glass.

This can make your home much more comfortable in the summer, since the blocked light will not be able to get into your house and raise the temperature. In addition, the fact that the glass itself is blocking out light makes it ideal for people that need to sleep during the day or need complete darkness at night, since light will not be able to bleed through the glass or shine around the edges. The light-blocking aspect of this glass is also a great option for home theater rooms, where light can cause the image on your projector screen or television to appear washed out or obstructed by glare.

Contact a residential glass service or contractor today in order to discuss the many glass options that can help make your home a bit more comfortable. Soundproof windows can help keep your home peaceful and devoid of noise pollution from living in a busy area while electrochromic glass can make your home cooler and darker when needed. Talk to a company like Allied Glass & Mirror to find out what window options might be best for you.