Three Steps To Tell If You Should Repair Or Replace Your Glass After Graffiti Damage

Posted on: 7 October 2015

Vandalism on glass windows can take several forms. It's possible, instead of just smashing the glass, to etch a graffiti design on it or use an acid to eat away at its surface. If any of these types of vandalism has happened to the windows at your business, it's a good idea to get the damage fixed right away, but you may be wondering whether replacement is the best option for your windows or whether they can be repaired. Here are three steps to deciding which is best in your situation.

1. Assess the damage

Paint is relatively easy to remove using paint thinning chemicals, so if the damage is only from paint you shouldn't need to replace your windows. If you can't spare the personnel to work on cleaning it, hire a glass repair contractor. Scratching and acid etching can be more difficult. Scratches can usually be removed unless they're very deep, chipped scratches. Light acid damage can be removed, but severe acid damage may be a challenge. With both scratching and acid, the more severe the damage the more of the window surface will have to be removed.

2. Weigh the outcomes of repair or replacement

Think about how the repaired window will look.  If the chips are much deeper than the rest of the scratch, more of the window's surface would have to be removed before they would disappear. This means that you'll either have to replace the glass, live with chips in your window, or try to get rid of the chips, which may remove enough of the glass to make the window look strangely warped. If the window is out of the way and customers don't really see it, you may opt to have the scratch removed but leave a chip or two. Otherwise it's probably best to replace the window.

3. Find out which option is faster

Because graffiti is a type of vandalism that seeks publicity, getting rid of it first thing is the best way to deny the vandal as much satisfaction as possible, thereby discouraging a repeat of the damage. If your window is a shape that would need to be custom-ordered, meaning several days would pass before you can replace it, you should look more favorably on the option of repair. Of course, if it's badly damaged and the repair contractor recommends replacement, you should follow that recommendation, but getting as much of the graffiti removed as possible in the meantime is also a good idea.

Use these steps to help you decide between repair or replacement or a combination of both when your building's windows have fallen victim to graffiti. For assistance, talk to a glass repair professional like One Cut Glass.