3 Amazing Benefits Of Installing A Frameless Glass Shower Door In The Bathroom

Posted on: 31 January 2019

The shower area is a central part of your bathroom. If it's looking a bit dated and warrants an upgrade, then consider investing in a frameless glass shower door. This add-on feature comes with the following advantages. 

Open Design 

If your bathroom isn't the biggest, then taking a shower can feel like a claustrophobic experience. You shouldn't have to feel this way since the shower area is where you come to freshen up and relax. Well, with a frameless glass shower door, you can open up this area a bit.

With no frames, this glass shower door gives the area an open look. You actually will feel like you have plenty of room to move around and breathe, making your shower experiences that much better. If you plan on selling your house sometime in the future, buyers always look for open-design showers. This shower upgrade thus can help you get your house off the market a lot sooner than expected.

Tempered Glass 

There are some glass shower doors out there that look nice, but are not the most durable. One forceful close using the door could then cause glass to shatter everywhere. You never have to worry about this happening when you equip a frameless glass shower door in the bathroom.

That's because these doors feature tempered glass, a safety material that has been uniquely treated with heat and chemicals. So no matter how hard you are with this shower door every day, it will never shatter and cause you to cut yourself. It will retain its structural integrity for decades.


Every homeowner's bathroom is different. As a result, what you want in a shower area may be completely different than what your neighbors or friends want for theirs. Fortunately, you can easily customize the frameless glass shower door that goes in your bathroom.

Companies that manufacture these doors can make them virtually any size, depending on how big your shower area is. In addition to customizing dimensions, they can do some aesthetic adjustments as well. For example, they can inscribe your initials or family's last name at the top for a unique aesthetic that makes this shower door exclusive. 

You probably spend a lot of time in the shower area, and as such, you deserve to have a beautiful, functional shower door. That's what you get when you choose a frameless glass shower door. It comes with so many benefits that you won't want to miss out on when enhancing the bathroom. For more information about glass shower enclosures, reach out to a glass professional near you.