How Commercial Window Film Increases Security And Improves The Work Environment

Posted on: 15 November 2018

Window film has important benefits for your commercial building. It makes a more pleasing work environment for your staff and it gives you peace of mind that your building is safer. It does this without changing the appearance of your building since film can be clear. Window film can also be dark if you want the additional benefit of privacy for your office spaces. Here's how commercial window film benefits you and your employees.

How Window Film Makes Your Building Safer

Window film is known for its dark color that provides privacy benefits, but window film is much more than that. It's a tough layer of protection for the glass in your windows. This can keep the glass from shattering during a storm. This keeps your employees safer if they're in the building when it storms and it protects your building from storm damage by keeping the windows intact.

The window film holds the glass together so it won't shatter and fall from the frame. This makes it work well against intruders too. An intruder might crack the glass, but the glass remains in the frame rather than break out and fall onto the floor so the intruder can gain entry. Window film is a good choice for building security especially if you don't want to install bars over the windows that detract from the appearance of the building.

How Window Film Improves The Work Environment

Two common complaints in the workplace are glare and temperature. Both of these problems can be handled with window film. Window film blocks UV rays so there's no glare from the sun even when the glass is uncovered and in full sun. This allows your employees to work comfortably on their computers without the distraction of closing and opening shades throughout the day. The window film reduces heat transfer and solar heating. This makes it easier to keep the temperature uniform in the office space so employees near windows won't be too hot while employees in the middle of the room feel the opposite. The film eliminates the problem of hot spot areas near windows that makes sitting near them a problem when the windows get full sun. Plus, employees won't have to worry about exposing themselves to UV rays while they work.

Window film allows you to eliminate shades and curtains in the office, and that gives employees a nice view of the outside all day. That keeps them from feeling like they're isolated inside a building and might help with mood and morale.

Window film is a good investment for your building since it benefits both you and your staff. Even your office furniture and utility bills could benefit from window film's ability to block UV rays and solar heating. Contact a service, like American  Glass Tint Inc, for more help.