Need New Windows In A Century Old Home? How To Save Money

Posted on: 2 August 2018

If you have purchased a very old home and you want to restore it and update to look beautiful, but right now you are working on a budget, you can still improve the structural features smartly. If you are worried that the windows aren't very sound or wind resistant, and that they have some air leaks and other problems, you may be able to fix the windows and do minor replacements. Look into the following things.

Replace the Glass Right Away

Be sure to replace the glass so that you don't have to hear everything from outside, and so you know the glass isn't thin and brittle. You want to replace the glass for the house to be safer, and to also lower heating and cooling expenses and to prevent moisture problems or water leaks.

Have a company that specializes in window and glass replacement come to the home to give an estimate. Talk with them about recycling the current glass, and what updated glass choices will be best for your property.

Coat the Window Frames with Sealant

The wood windows can be restored to their natural beauty with work. If you want to restore the frames on your own be sure to do the following:

  • Sand off the old paint if possible
  • Prime the wood with an acrylic latex primer
  • Use an outdoor weatherproof paint
  • Add a topcoat sealant

If you paint the windows properly, instead of trying to do a quick rushed job with one layer, the paint can last for years. Maintain it by cleaning them as needed and applying top coat as needed and when you can.

Have an Energy Audit

If you fear that the windows are still a problem, or that just some of the windows are still a problem, you want to have an energy audit completed. The energy experts can come to your home and test around the windows and doors for air leaks.

These are just some of the things that you want to consider doing to the windows, and the window replacement professional will assess the wood and any other damages when they look at the frames and trim, to see if there are damages that have to be repaired or replaced right away. Talk with the right glass professionals to get quotes, and try putting some of the paint work in on your own if you want to save money.