2 Types of Window That Can Increase Your Comfort and Privacy

Posted on: 14 October 2015

Replacing the windows in your home can be a great opportunity to improve multiple aspects of your home at once. There are a wide variety of windows out there that can provide a range of unique benefits. Two windows that you should consider because they can increase both your comfort and privacy are soundproof and electrochromic windows.


One of the easiest ways to make your home more private is to install soundproof windows. These windows rely on multiple panes of glass with empty space in between or a single really thick pane of glass to prevent noise from entering or exiting the home via the windows. This improves your privacy because it will make it much less likely that your neighbors will be able to hear your conversations or listen in on any other activities that you may be enjoying because these windows can block 90–95% of noise attempting to pass through the window.

This option can also make your home more comfortable, because the two panes of glass or single thick pane of glass will provide insulating benefits that can make it easier to regulate your home's internal temperatures. In addition, the noise-blocking nature of these windows means that you will not be bothered as much if you live near noisy people, roads, or intersections.


Another great way to increase your privacy while in your home is to replace your windows with electrochromic ones. These windows will need to be connected to a power source, as they require electricity to cause the windows to darken or clear up whenever you like. The reason that this can increase your privacy is that you can make the window so dark that it will block up to 98% of light, which will make it so dark that people will not be able to look into your home. 

This option can also make it more comfortable for you if you need to sleep during the day due to having night school or a late work schedule. In addition, the fact that the windows will block so much light from entering your home means that your home will not heat up as quickly, which will make it into a more comfortable space throughout the summer.

Visit a window dealer or speak with a contractor today, like one from http://www.fivestarwindows.com, in order to discuss the benefits that replacement windows can provide. Electrochromic and soundproof windows are ideal for anyone who wants to make his or her home more private and comfortable.