How To Maximize The Space In A Small Master Bathroom

Posted on: 6 October 2015

Having a small master bathroom doesn't mean you have to skimp on any of the luxury amenities you want in your room. Use these design and decor ideas to maximize your available space and create a truly luxurious master bathroom.

Add A Corner Shower And Tub

Using the corners in a small room helps you to fit more furniture or fixtures into the space without making it feel cramped. While luxury shower enclosures and soaker tubs can take up a lot of space, models designed specifically for corners take up considerably less space. This makes it easier to fit both in the room. Opt for a custom shower enclosure with frameless glass shower doors, which create a light and airy look. Instead of choosing a square shower and rectangular tub, consider three-sided designs. These showers and tubs sit flush against the two walls in any corner, and they feature a curved outer edge that creates a more fluid, open feel in the room.

His And Her Mini Vanities

You may not have enough space for a large dual-sink vanity, but you can create the same concept in your master bathroom with two small single-sink vanities. Install them both against your wall, leaving a space in between them. In this space, add a bookcase or a tall cabinet that can be used for linen and toiletry storage. To create an even more space, install wall-mounted vanities. Since these units don't sit on the floor, you can use the space below the vanity cabinets to place decorative storage baskets, which can hold towels, soaps and other items. Don't forget to add glass mirrors above each vanity to create the illusion of more space in the room.

Build A Shelf Wall

Use the space above your bathtub to create a shelf wall. This wall can serve as much-needed storage space while creating a focal point in the room. Simply add shelves that reach from one end of the bathtub wall to the other, making sure to start slightly above the bathtub and continue to just below the ceiling. These shelves can be used to store soaps, linens and other bath accessories. Be sure to assign some space to decorative items to create a beautiful look in the space. If you prefer to keep your items stashed out of sight, add wicker storage baskets to each shelf for a bit of added privacy. You can ask your contractor to add a sliding glass shower door to this wall. You'll be able to keep your items free of water while creating a sleek, modern look in the space.

Your master bathroom is your retreat, and it can be luxurious and beautiful even if it is small. Use these design and decor ideas to inspire your bathroom remodeling project. Visit Enterprise Glass Co Inc for more information about shower enclosures.