2 Reasons To Consider Impact Resistant Windows

Posted on: 2 October 2015

Impact resistant windows are designed to stand up to much stronger impacts than regular glass, mostly because of the fact that they consist of multiple panes of glass. You should consider impact resistant windows because they can keep your family safe and lower your insurance premiums.

Keep Your Family Safe

The main reason that you will want to install impact resistant windows is because they can keep your family safe in a variety of different situations. For example, these types of windows can keep everyone safe in the event of a major storm that can shatter a normal window when debris is blown around. In that situation, not only is the debris itself a danger, but also shards of glass that can be scattered around the interior of your house if the debris shatters a window.

However, impact resistant windows are not only more likely to stand up to impacts from debris, but they will also hold shards of glass in place if the window is broken. This is because an impact resistant window will have a piece of adhesive film in between the two panes of glass that is meant to keep the glass in place.

This film is also why impact resistant windows are such a great choice if you want to secure your home against intruders. While impact resistant windows will not be able to completely stop a determined intruder, the fact that he or she will have to break the two panes of glass and get through the film means that it will take longer for him or her to get into the house. This allows you, a neighbor, or even someone passing by more time to notice the activity and contact the authorities. 

Lower Insurance Premiums

Impact resistant windows are also a good choice if you want to find some way of lowering your home insurance premiums. Since your premiums are going to be calculated in part based on how much of a risk there is that your house will become damaged in a burglary or due to the weather, reducing that risk will cause your insurance agent to discount the price a bit. Even if your house is located in an area where crime or major storms are not common, simply having impact resistant windows can still get you a discount on your insurance.

Speak to a provider, such as A-1 Glass Co Inc, today to discuss how impact resistant windows can benefit your home and family. This type of window can help you get discounted home insurance, while also keeping you and your family safe.