2 Ways To Update Your Shower Enclosure

Posted on: 1 October 2015

The aesthetic appeal of your bathroom can influence the value of your home. If you have an outdated shower enclosure, you could turn away potential buyers in the event you decide to put your home on the market in the future.

Here are two simple things you can do to update your shower enclosure.

1. Use spray paint on the metal elements in your shower enclosure.

Spray paint is an affordable and easy-to-use medium that can be applied directly to your shower enclosure in order to update your bathroom space. Covering up the metal frame in your shower with spray paint will allow you to achieve a custom feel without investing in costly materials.

Start by covering everything in your bathroom with plastic drop cloths. The fine mist created while spray painting can waft, and you don't want the paint getting on your walls or tile. Once you have covered any surfaces that you don't want to paint, spray your shower enclosure with light, even coats. You don't want the paint to drip, so avoid spraying too much at one time.

Allow the paint to dry between each coat, and finish with a sealant that will protect your new enclosure from scratching or fading over time.

2. Use etching cream to add some elegance (and privacy) to your shower enclosure.

Many homes feature shower enclosures made from large panes of glass. If you want to add some elegance to your bathroom space, etching a design onto these glass panes can be beneficial. In addition to creating a focal point in your bathroom, etched glass can also add to the privacy of your shower space.

Begin by thoroughly cleaning the glass surface with soap and water, then rub with isopropyl alcohol to remove any remaining residue that could mar your finished design. Place your stencil onto the glass, and use a bone folder to smooth out any wrinkles that would allow the etching cream to seep underneath the stencil.

Apply your etching cream with a paintbrush, using a dabbing motion to ensure full coverage. Once the etching cream has processed for about 15 minutes, rinse off. Wash the glass surface one more time with soap and water, and enjoy your new shower enclosure.

Finding inexpensive ways to update the look of your bathroom isn't difficult. Updating the look of your shower enclosure with spray paint or etching cream will allow you to modernize an outdated bathroom. For more project ideas contact a company like Aladdin's Glass & Screen Products Inc to discuss your options.